Free sites showing information on competitors

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“Free sites showing information on competitors” will be the focus of today’s article on 28 January 2023.

Let’s start by saying that knowing your competitors is crucial if you want to succeed in the market. In an increasingly competitive world, it is important to be able to identify

threats and opportunities, and to adapt the strategy accordingly.

One of the best ways to obtain information is to use free sites that display information on competitors such as Registro Imprese, and InfoComas.

In this article, we will explore how to use these tools to gather valuable information on your competitors and improve your chances of success in the market.

What information on competitors can be obtained

To begin, it is important to understand what exactly you can gain from using these websites.

Business Register, and InfoComas provide detailed information on business activities, including company data, business registers and financial statements. This information can be used to better understand the size and structure of competitors, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

First, you can use these sites to identify the main competitors in your industry., for example, allows you to search by sector and region to identify companies operating in the same market. InfoComas, on the other hand, provides information on companies registered with the Companies Register, the REA and the Court.

Once you have identified your main competitors, you can use these sites to gather detailed information on their activities.

Registro Imprese, for example, provides information on business activities, such as the number of employees, turnover and profit. and InfoComas, on the other hand, provide information on companies registered with the Registro Imprese, the REA and the Tribunale.

These sites can also be used to monitor the activities of competitors over time. For example, you can use to keep track of changes in the shareholding structure of companies or to check whether a company has undergone bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.

Let us now look at them in detail.

Free sites showing information on competitors

Registro Imprese

The Business Register is a valuable tool if you want to know more about your competitors and the market in which they operate. The register is managed by the Chamber of Commerce and contains detailed information on all registered companies.

First of all, you can access

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basic information about the company, such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. It is also possible to view the company’s tax code and VAT number, as well as its registration number.

It also provides detailed information about the company’s activity, such as business description, sector and legal form. This information can help to better understand the market in which the company operates and its strengths.

The register also includes information on the company’s corporate structure, such as the names of shareholders and directors, as well as their roles and shares. This information can help identify the main market players and better understand the company’s governance.

Finally, the Company Register provides financial information, such as the company’s balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. This information can help you understand the company’s financial situation and assess its soundness.

By using this information, you can improve your competitiveness in the market. is an online service that helps companies and citizens navigate the complex world of public administration and business information.

The site offers a range of services from document retrieval to company balance sheet analysis, allowing you to access a wide range of business and legal information quickly and easily.

One of the most interesting features of is the company balance sheet analysis, which provides a complete overview of the company, including master data, company size, average data for the relevant product sector, and 5 categories of indices for evaluating company performance. The site also makes it possible to compare the company’s data with averages for the product sector, providing a complete analysis of the company’s financial situation. also offers the possibility of easily requesting over 70 documents from the Land Registry, Chamber of Commerce, Registry Office, Conservatory, Court, PRA and more, making the document retrieval process much simpler and faster.

The service offered by is available free of charge and requires no registration, making it accessible to anyone.

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Comas is a service that allows users to extract detailed information on Italian companies based on specific research needs.

With Comas, users can access a wide range of information, including:

  • General information on the company: Comas provides basic information on the company, such as name, address, telephone number and website.
  • Financial information: Comas provides financial information on companies, including balance sheets, income statements and cash flows.
  • Market data: Comas provides information on the market performance of companies, including share performance and stock price data.
  • Employee data: Comas provides information on companies’ employees, including demographic data and information on roles and tasks.
  • Products and services data: Comas provides detailed information on products and services offered by companies, including pricing details and product descriptions.
  • Data on competitors: Comas provides information on companies’ competitors, including data on their products and services, financial information and market data.

In short, Comas is a valuable tool for those who need detailed and up-to-date information on Italian companies and their competitors to support strategic, marketing or investment decisions.


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