How to create WhatsApp polls that generate concrete and measurable results

come creare sondaggi su WhatsApp

How to Create Polls on WhatsApp is the topic our web agency wants to bring to you today in this new article.

Polls on WhatsApp are just one of the many new features that the famous application has introduced in its latest update.

For years now, WhatsApp has held the title of the most widely used messaging application in the world.

This is not only because it allows fast, automatic and free messaging, but also because over the years its functionality has increased more and more.

Just think, for instance, of the introduction of group video calls, WhatsApp Web, the inclusion of statuses, etc.

Recent years have also seen the creation of the revolutionary WhatsApp Business, a valuable ally in business transactions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In short, Meta’s app continues to revolutionise and surprise its users year after year.

Precisely with regard to the new features introduced on WhatsApp in 2023, our web agency decided to tell you about this new quick and effective tool, appreciated and used already by thousands of users.

We are talking about polls, a useful function especially within WhatsApp groups to collect and analyse everyone’s opinions.

If you want to learn more about how to create polls on WhatsApp and how you can exploit them for your company, all you have to do is continue reading the following paragraphs.

WhatsApp Polls: What Are They?

At the end of 2022, Zuckerberg through a video posted on Facebook announced the arrival of 3 new functions on WhatsApp.

1. The introduction of Communities;

2. Video calls for up to 32 participants;

3. The arrival of Polls.

The latter were present as early as March 2022, but, after several months of development and leaked beta versions, were only officially released for all Android and iOS users in November of the same year.

But what are surveys actually and what are they useful for?

Let’s start by saying that polls are a function accessible on all devices compatible with the WhatsApp app.

So not only smartphones and tablets but also the web version from both Windows and Mac PCs.

WhatsApp itself described them as ‘an easy way to ask questions in group chats and receive answers in real time’.

With polls, you can then ask a question within a chat and give other group members up to 12 different answer options to choose from.

The poll is a very useful tool when you have to organise with many other people and have to make a certain decision.

This is why this function is most often used in group chats.

Such as school groups, groups of friends or even specially created work groups to quickly consult on projects, shifts and make decisions in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, this function can be used not only by the admins of a group, but also by all other chat members.

What’s more, polls can also be created on WhatsApp within an individual chat, where its usefulness is perhaps limited but it may be convenient to keep an eye out for an answer to a particular question.

Now that you are clearer as to what this new function consists of, let’s take a look at how to create polls on WhatsApp in order to obtain concrete and measurable results.

How to Create Polls on WhatsApp: A Practical Guide

Creating surveys on WhatsApp, as you may have already realised, can really make your life easier.

In fact, it is a tool that you can really use for any decision, whether it is simply to ask

come fare sondaggio su WhatsApp

“what to eat tonight?” or important work decisions within the colleague group.

But now let’s get down to business and see together step by step what you need to do to create polls on WhatsApp.

Step 1: Enter the relevant chat;

2 Step: Click the paperclip icon at the bottom;

3 Step: Click on the icon with the three columns of a graph, called “Survey“;

4 Step: A new page will open where you have to fill in a few essential lines;

5 Step: Now write the question you want to ask other users at the top and below it write the various answer options;

As already mentioned, you can enter up to 12 options.

Initially, you will only see two answer spaces appear, but don’t worry – every time you fill in one, another one will appear below it.

If you would like to take a survey on WhatsApp directly from your PC, simply go to your WhatsApp web page and follow the exact same steps as listed above.

How to Consult Poll Votes on WhatsApp

Once you have submitted your survey, each respondent can immediately answer and vote by simply clicking on the desired item from the list of answers.

Each respondent’s answers can be more than one, even all 12 if desired, which is very useful especially when more than one preference needs to be expressed.

If, on the other hand, you would like your user to have only one choice, be warned that this mode is currently not yet available.

What Meta has made possible, however, is to be able to change your vote at any time.

If you want to change or delete your previous vote, simply click on the answer you had already voted on and it will be automatically removed.

But how can you view all answers at once?

Already from the poll list you can get a first overview of how many votes have been cast.

If you want to have a more global view, you can simply click on ‘Show votes’ at the bottom of the survey.

A new screen will then open which summarises all the results.

These will be sorted according to the number of votes taken, so you will first see the most popular answers and then those that received the least support.

In addition, from here you will be able to see the name of the user who chose that particular answer and the date and time of each vote.

This is because all poll votes on WhatsApp are public within the group and cannot yet be hidden or anonymous.

come usare sondaggi su WhatsApp per azienda

WhatsApp Surveys: Why Choose Them for Your Company

If there is one tool that has been truly revolutionary and has greatly facilitated the digitisation of thousands of SMEs, it is WhatsApp.

HERE, we have listed the 10 most important good reasons for marketing using WhatsApp.

In addition to being a simple messaging platform, WhatsApp has, especially in recent years, become an important channel for sales and business services.

This is because WhatsApp, thanks to its special features, has established itself as a platform where direct contact between consumers and companies can be cultivated.

Especially with the creation of WhatsApp Business, which has become so popular in a short time that it has given so many companies the opportunity to remain operational even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The creation of surveys and the spread of WhatsApp Business, as a business tool, allowed companies to gain so many benefits such as:

1. Identifying new customers;

2. Launch new products and services;

3. Resolving consumer doubts;

4. Providing assistance;

5. Maintaining close contact with customers.

Precisely for all these reasons, we recommend that you take advantage of the new survey function on WhatsApp especially to collect different inputs on customers’ experience with your brand.

As a result, you will be able to identify where you can improve your marketing strategies in order to further optimise your company’s digital presence.


Digital marketing is known to be constantly evolving and now more than ever the focus of strategies is increasingly on the consumer.

There is an increasing focus on increasing the interaction consumers have with the brand, interacting with it to provide opinions, feedback and even complaints.

Surveys on WhatsApp can therefore become the perfect communication channel for analysing the opinions and feedback of your company’s consumers.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to accompany and guide you towards new strategies to make the most of WhatsApp as a sales and marketing channel.